High Performance Cutting Tool Production, Coating and Grinding

Special cutting tools designed to your specifications, as well as production of standard tools, measured precisely for your next project!

  1. General Details

    Our Special Cutters, Tool Grinding and Sharpening services can satisfy all of your metal cutting needs. Put our skills to the test for your next project! Razor Tool produces custom cutters as well as industry standard cutting tools in addition to our providing full-service cutting and grinding for all existing tools. Special cutters can include dovetails, bullnose mills, custom tapered endmills, corner rounders or chamfers.

    Our 5-Axis machining capabilities as well as precision in house inspection provides our customers with the competitive edge in milling and drilling!

  2. Techical Info

    • Custom Carbide Cutting Tool Production
    • Standard Cutting Tool Production
    • Production Tool Grinding & Sharpening
    • Optimized Coating for Maximum Performance
    • DMG and ANCA Machines
    • Zoller Genius 3 Inspection

  3. Ask About Producing Your Next Tool

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