January 11, 2018

KOMET SERVICE Partner Razor Tool Celebrate Grand Opening of New Facility

Razor Tool, a KOMET SERVICE® Partner, celebrated the grand opening of their new facility in Woburn, Mass on Wednesday, June 8th 2016. The evening, which featured a cocktail reception, tool demos and displays, and an announcement ceremony, drew a strong crowd on a warm summer evening. Attendees also enjoyed tours of the brand new facility. The new building provides ample space for Razor Tool’s state-of-the-art 5-axis tool and cutter grinding machinery.

“The grand opening was a huge success,” Tom Whennen, Manager of KOMET SERVICE says. “As KOMET SERVICE continues to grow and expand its reach across North America, our Partners continue to expand as well. This new building is proof that Razor Tool is growing and can provide more and more customers with top-notch service. We were thrilled to have so many people come out and celebrate this achievement with us.” Razor Tool is the tenth KOMET SERVICE Partner, joining KOMET SERVICE in May of 2015. Razor Tool shares KOMET SERVICE’s commitment to quality service and fast, reliable refurbishment of solid carbide tools. Utilizing state-of-the-art CNC equipment to grind cutting tools of the highest quality, along with their focused, service-based strategy, Razor Tool quickly cultivated and maintained a strong base of repeat customers, and this customer base continues to grow.

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